Dr.Kwon’s Golf Biomechanics Instructor Program Level.1 in Tokyo 

Dr.Kwon’s ゴルフバイオメカニクス インストラクタープログラムLevel.1  in Tokyo





Dr.Kwon’s Golf Biomechanics Instructor Program Level.1 in Tokyo

We are planning to hold educational program for coach by Dr.Young-Hoo-Kwon who has the world’s leading authorities on Golf Biomechanics and is serializing ground reaction force for a way of reaction force batting by Dr.Kwon at Weekly Golf Digest Japan.

It is possible to improve your teaching skill by learning Golf Biomechanics which is a global standard for golf teaching.

We welcome golf instructor as well as trainer, amateur, and people from university.

Please apply for the program after checking summary as below.



■講師: Dr.Young –Hoo-Kwon(ヤン・フー・クウォン教授)
Texas Woman’s University 教授


■開催日: 8月1日水曜日~2日木曜日

■開催時間: 9時00分~17時(両日同じ時間となりますが、状況により変更あり)

■開催場所: 東京都港区(施設名等は申込者の方に後程お知らせします)



Instructor: Dr.Young –Hoo-Kwon

The world’s leading authorities on Golf Biomechanics

Professor of Texas Woman’s University

ISBS President

He analyzes precise swing of about 200 famous players for PGA and LPGA tours such as Matt Kuchar, Vijay Singh, and Y・E Yang. His literature earns global evaluation. He coaches Chris Como who was previous instructor of Tiger Woods and he has a huge effect on teaching professional in USA. There are about 840 students in more than fifteen countries not only USA but also Europe and Asia to take the instructor program by Dr.Kwon, and it getting increase all over the world.

Date: Aug 1, Wednesday and Aug 2, Thursday

Time: from 9:00 to 17:00 (Same time on the both dates, but it depends.)

Place: Minatoku, Tokyo (We will inform you of details later.)





[Program contents]

Dr.Kwon instructs you about “Standard Golf Teaching in the world” such as ground reaction force which has essential for swing analysis from mechanical perspective based on enormous swing data of about 200 players such as PGA and LPGA tours.

・Introduction         イントロダクション

・Basic mechanical concept 基礎的な力学コンセプト

・golfer’s body        ゴルファーの身体

・Liner kinematics       並進運動の運動量

・Functional swing plane   機能的スイングプレーン

・Angular kinematics     回転運動の運動量

・Liner/angular kinetics     並進及び回転運動の運動量

・Summary&Closing      まとめと最後の質問など


■申し込み締め切り 7月24日火曜日




JGSIイベント事務局 contact@jgsi-pacificrealize.co.jp



Application Deadline: July 24, Tuesday

Application and Inquiry: Please send us your message to the following email address with necessary information.


・Occupation: (Please indicate a name of facility if you are from golf teaching, training, and educational association.)


・Phone Number:

・Purpose for the program:


JGSI Event organizer contact@jgsi-pacificrealize.co.jp

Contact personnel: Numata

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